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My current pricing is specified below.  Special projects may require extra costs.

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Picture Prices:

            8x10    $11.00

            5x7    $ 6.00

            4x6    $ 2.00

            wallet (2x3)    2 for $2.00


Package Prices:

            1 - 8x10

            2 - 5x7                        $25.00

            8 wallets (2x3)


            2 - 5x7                        $15.00

            16 wallets (2x3)


A bundle of 4x6 photos can be purchased.  Price depends on the number of photos customer wants to keep (under 20 pictures add $20.00 for 1 hour photo session).


CD can also be purchased for $30.00 (if no other prints are ordered)


Photo sessions include up to one hour with photographer and several different poses.  Prices may change depending on customer needs.